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Linux users

MaX-1 is a standard Windows application. You may run it under Linux using Wine. Proceed as follows:

1) Install wine. See, for example: (German) (Englisch)
2) Execute winecfg (see links above)
3) Copy the entire MaX-1 folder (e.g. MaXfolder) to the wine folder. For example: cp -r /media/c/MaXfolder ~/.wine/drive_c/Programs
4) start MaX-1 under wine (for example, when Max08c.exe is the MaX-1 version you have): wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Programme/MaXfolder/Max08c.exe

Compiled html version (CHM file contained in a ZIP file) of the original Tutorial.

Real parameter optimizer OptMaX for MaX-1 version MAX07A (EXE file, DLLs, short description, simple example. Unzip and copy all files on a folder.)

Get the original MaX-1 package

The original MaX-1 package is sold by John Wiley& Sons, Chichester: If you encounter problems obtaining MaX-1 from Wiley directly, try Amazon (serch for: max-1 hafner) and let me know by email.

Examples of advanced projects (contained in ZIP files, without project descriptions)

Note: When you load older projects with a newer version of MaX-1 MaX-1 might display some warnings. In most cases it will set proper default values for variables that were missing in the older version.

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