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Known problems and solutions

MaX-1 does not run correctly

It seems that some applications may cause more or less severe problems to MaX-1. For example, virus scan programs can considerably reduce the performance of MaX-1.

Graphic programs can disturb the movie generation of MaX-1. Graphic programs using OpenGL in an unconventional way may even prevent MaX-1 from running. It seems that this holds for some versions of Matlab. In this case, no application using the openGL Utility Toolkit (GLUT32.DLL) run on your PC. To test this, you can find many games and other software using GLUT on the web. For a prominent site, click here.

When an error message is displayed before the menues and windows are displayed, you also may download the debug version of MaX-1 and try it before you report the error. Note that this version is considerably slower than the release version.


Note that MAX03A.EXE and later versions use OpenGL. It might happen that not all of the required DDLs are installed on your system. Especially GLUT32.DLL might be missing. In this case, MAX03A.EXE will not run correctly. A message box will indicate the name of the missing DLL.

According to my experience, the standard GLUT32.DLL keeps the processor 100% busy and slows down the performance of all other MaX-1 tasks as well as the performance of all other processes running at the same time. To avoid this, I have compiled GLUT32.DLL with a modification that slightly slows down the OpenGL performance. I strongly recommend to use this version that is contained in the ZIP file that contains the latest MaX-1 version. Usually, GLUT32.DLL is placed on a system directory such as c:\winnt\system32 but you may also copy it to the directory where you store the executables of MaX-1.

 If another DLL than GLUT32.DLL is missing on your PC, please, report this by email.

AVI movies

When you create an AVI movie, it sometimes happens that the movie has strange colors that are different from what you had in the MaX-1 window. This is due to a wrong palette information in the AVI file because the system returned the wrong palette when MaX-1 created the AVI file. To avoid this: Don't run other graphic applications (screen savers etc.) in the foreground while MaX-1 is creating a movie. When you have an AVI file with the wrong palette (for example, WRONG.AVI) and another one with the correct palette (for example, PALETTE.AVI - this file may contain arbitrary frames), you may generate a new AVI file (for example, CORRECTED.AVI) by pasting together the palette informationg of PALETTE.AVI and the frame information of WRONG.AVI. This can be done with (undocumented) "Tools -> Repair AVI" command of the current MaX-1 upgrade.


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